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Chiropractic adjustments are the main method of treatment at Northwest Spine and Pain Center. After a thorough history and examination are done, a diagnosis is made. Gentle manipulation of the bony structures of the body will be performed to restore normal movement and alignment of the joints. This treatment is performed by a licensed chiropractic physician.


Massage Therapy

Soft tissue mobilization and massage is a very important treatment utilized at Northwest Spine and Pain Center. The importance of the muscles to our structural health and movement patterns must not be overlooked. Many times there is a correlation between joint and muscle dysfunction because of their close relationship to our physical being. Whether the injury is a new or old problem, our wide variety of skill and experience with different soft tissue techniques allows for personalized treatment for each patient.

Physical Rehab

Exercise rehabilitation is used at Northwest Spine and Pain Center to stretch tight muscles (hypertonic) and to strengthen weak muscles (atrophy). Hypertonic muscles result from inactivity, altered posture and repetitive stresses. Muscle atrophy may result from loss of nerve supply, disuse or lack of exercise, poor nourishment and poor circulation among other reasons. This is an integral part of the healing process and our prevention plan. Here at Northwest Spine and Pain Center we want to get you active and feeling great again.


Eating a balanced healthy diet in todays busy world is not an easy thing to do. Even if you do have time there is always that question ‘What should I eat?’ Nutritional counseling and supplementation is implemented at Northwest Spine and Pain Center with the idea that with good nutrition your long term outlook on an active, healthy life is improved. Nutrition is the key ingredient for weight loss and chronic disease prevention. Good health is more than just exercise… it’s a way of life!

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