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Dr. Chad is a chiropractor serving St. Michael, Albertville, Hanover, Rogers, Otsego, Buffalo, Monticello and the surrounding areas. Dr. Chad and the rest of the welcoming team at Northwest Spine and Pain are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs. Though we specialize in accident and sports injuries, we also provide a vast array of additional services such as:

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Stages of Healing

Trauma produces soft tissue injuries and can vary in severity and location depending on the cause and which area of the body is affected. Car accidents produce a whiplash injury most commonly to the neck and also the back. Sports injuries may affect any region of the body including the spinal area. The one thing all traumatic injuries have in common is the healing process. Each phase of the healing process requires different treatment to speed up the healing process and promote full recovery.


The initial phase of healing is the inflammatory stage. This occurs immediately after the injury and lasts for approx. three days. During this phase swelling occurs which results in stiffness and pain. This phase helps to stabilize the injured area and protect from further damage in the short term. Treatment at this time is focused on reducing inflammation and limiting further damage by restriction of physical activity. Spinal joint misalignment's are gently manipulated to promote proper alignment and joint motion. Care is passive in nature meaning treatment is provided by the health care provider and rest, ice, compression and elevation is performed by the patient.


The second phase is called fibrosis of repair or proliferation. During this phase, which typically lasts 6-8 weeks, usually scar tissue formation is occurring. Scar tissue helps to connect the damaged soft tissue whether it be muscles or ligaments or both. This scar tissue is not as elastic as normal, healthy soft tissue and is vulnerable to injury. Range of motion activities should be performed during this time and an increase in strain can be introduced.  Manipulation to injured joints, including in the spine and extremities, is very beneficial at this time. The high velocity-low amplitude thrust that is applied during the manipulation process provides a quick stretch to the scar tissue providing a stress in the direction elasticity is needed for healthy soft tissue function. These benefits from manipulation lead to a more successful outcome in the next phase of healing.


Remodeling is the third and final phase of the healing process. This can occur over two yrs  post injury and will determine whether a full recovery will be achieved or permanent partial disability will persist. During this phase active care is generally recommended with exercises, stretches and other lifestyle changes to promote a full recovery. Ongoing Chiropractic care including manipulation may be necessary to facilitate this healing process. Flair-ups or set-backs can occur during this phase as well as in any other and that is part of the reason why guidance and care during the healing process is strongly recommended.

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If you're worried about the price of therapy, you should know that we try to ease our patients' minds by keeping our rates competitive. We accept auto insurance, work comp insurance, BCBS, Medica/UHC, Healthpartners, Preferred One and many others. At our clinic, we put patients first and provide treatments that address their specific needs.


  • ​Dr.
    Chad J. Mattila
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    Chad Mattila, DC, is the founder of Northwest Spine and Pain Center. He graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in 2006, receiving a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelor in Human Biology. Dr. Chad attended St. Cloud State University and North Hennepin Community College for completion of his undergraduate studies. He is an active member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA). 

    He is married with four children, two daughters, and two sons, that are growing up much too quickly. He enjoys living a very active lifestyle which includes fishing, camping, dirt biking, snowboarding, and many other sports. He also specifically has a strong passion for reading on health/wellness and history.

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