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What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as manipulation, is a procedure in which a trained specialist, Chiropractor, uses their hands or an instrument and applies a quick thrust or push in a specific area to change the position and improve the movement of that particular joint. 


When applied effectively a pop is usually felt or heard as joint gas releases which is called cavitation. Typically this procedure does not produce pain but at times it may due to the specific nature of the condition being treated. A reduction in pain and improved function is generally the goal of treatment and success of care can vary from immediate or gradual depending on each specific injury or condition. A or noticeable change is expected after six to ten treatments. Successful treatment may be full resolution of symptoms or may be reaching maximum medical improvement and maintaining this with further treatments at longer intervals.


Dr. Chad Mattila prefers a method of adjusting using his hands which is referred to as manual adjusting. He has found this method of manipulation most effective. He can vary the amount of force, speed and depth of his adjustments to each individual patient. A small child, adolescent, female or male brings their own unique body and condition. Dr. Mattila is capable of adjusting to each patient’s unique needs by providing a gentle but firm treatment approach.

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