Fever; What is it? Best ways to treat it!

In these uncertain times and with the spread of Covid-19 virus I want to make a friendly reminder to everyone on how to properly deal with a fever. Based on research and the recommendation of Seattle’s Children Hospital these guidelines should be followed.

1) Do not take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen to reduce a fever (temp over 100 degrees orally). Only use for comfort and on a limited basis as it suppresses your immune system and allows the virus or bacteria to survive longer in your body.

2) Body temperatures over 108 degrees F are detrimental to brain health, but this is extremely rare in regards to a fever. The human brain controls the body temperature and will not allow a continued increase to dangerous levels.

3) Consume large amounts of clean drinking water while experiencing a fever. This will help prevent dehydration and the dangers associated with this critical condition.

4) Reduce consumption of sugar and alcohol as both reduce the strength of your immune system and make it more difficult to fight infection.

5) Rest as much as your body needs. Sleep allows your body to use as much energy as it can find available to ramp up the immune response and reduce the course of illness to a minimum.

Please open and read the link below to further gain an in-depth understanding of these current recommendations. Please share or repost if you think these guidelines are helpful and would like those you care about to have access to this information.




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